Get inspired to take great photos!

My name is Jack Zhou, I am a Guilin local-based photographer enthusiast as well as an English speaking tour guide, Due to the great passion and interests on photography, I really keen on taking photographs to keep the best moment and memory whatever the landscape or the people. As far as I can see, As to photography, you by no means take really the same photo the next time in your lifetime anyway. In other words, each photo is unique and invaluable! Maybe this is the charm that people always strive to take a better photo!

Guilin is a world famous tourist destination due to the amazing natural wonders which make up of dramatic Karst peaks and picturesque rivers, There are so many photographers from all over of the world would like to pay a visit Guilin to take wonderful photographs to enrich their photo gallery each year. In the past years, I have been working as an English speaking tour guide to escort my clients to explore the remarkable places with fantastic natural landscape as well as discover the authentic local culture, When more and more photographer clients asked me to escort them to take wonderful photographs in Guilin area, I began pay attention to this specific tours!

At the fist beginning, I couldn’t understood that why my photographer clients had such a great passion to spent so much time to deal with their camera and gears to focus the landscape or people. But One of my first photographer clients Trey Ratcliff inspired me a lot since 2010, His personal legend story and dedication on photography taught me that awesome picture do inspirit others somehow. When I stuck into the guided photography tour assistance in depth with more and more worldwide dedicated photographers, I found that Myself also fell in love with photography!

Based in Guilin and worked as a tour guide to serve the photographer, It gives me the unbeatable advantage to take photographs. on the one hand, I can escort my photographer clients to explore the less known but awesome places to take stunning photos, on the other hand, I can also learn from these outstanding photographers how to take good photographs while staying together. Meanwhile, I realize that it’s such a good chance to interact each other through photography between the local people and the photographer. It’s always a delight to see their smile when I pass on the printed photographs from my photographer clients to the local people each time.

Being a freelancer, I am very pleased that I can choose the job what I really like to do, Keen on travel, outdoor adventures and taking photos, Photography sounds perfectly for me! My life is the same as my work, simple, happy and meaningful. It’s such a pleasure to try my best to assist the worldwide dedicated photographers to capture the best photos in Guilin area. For me, My client’s satisfaction is always the best encouragement!